College Pays Clinical TracTM for all of the user licenses in one lump sum.

    Licensing our Full Program you can expect unlimited support at no extra cost. The cost is designed to be the equivalent of a typical textbook. With our reasonably priced pay-per-user licensing, Clinical TracTM is a cost effective solution.

    (requires a minimum 10 user licenses and a three (3) year agreement)

    Not interested in our Full Program? No problem! Clinical TracTM offers licensing of individual modules to suit your needs.
    For more information, click here.


    Student Pays for a user license through the college's bookstore or directly through the Clinical TracTM website. The student can also purchase license extensions if needed.

    In either option the licensing fee is the same: $160.00 per user license for a full two (2) year clinical program. For this price the students will have access to their data for two (2) years after graduation, and the college will have lifetime access. For more information, click here.